July 30, 2016






HackEd Hackathon

BuddyTracker was originally conceived at HackEd Hackathon 2016 hosted by Startup Edmonton and the University of Alberta's Computer Engineering Club.




Falling Short

We unfortunately fell short of our plan to have a fully featured prototype by the end of the 24-hour period due to unforeseen hardware complications but still pulled off a proprietary heads up display which reacted real-time to head positioning.


Team Ragtag

That was our name. Why? Because we were the most interdisciplinary team at the hackathon bringing degrees in biology, fine arts, and computer engineering to the table. We were also one of the best prepared teams in terms of bringing hardware. We brought a drill, jigsaw, vice, voltmeter, soldering iron and pump, multi-tool, extension cords, WiFi router, USB hub, 4 Raspberry Pis, 2 Arduinos, GPS dongles, Magnetometers, prototyping wire, breadboards, 2 helmets, 3 pairs of goggles, and many more items that we deemed “essential".




Despite the numerous hardware and software related setbacks we encountered, our prototype earned us an honorable mention from a panel of judges from industry.

We later went on to receive a scholarship from Startup Edmonton to continue working on BuddyTracker over Summer 2016 and to attend their workshops on product and market development.