What does it take to never become separated from your buddies again?
GPS GALILEO and Beidou

Three is better than one. That’s why we use three sets of satellites to pinpoint your exact location.

Proprietary HUD

A heads up display designed to be non-intrusive and intuitive.

1km range

Line-of-sight range of 1km. With mesh networking each BuddyTracker boosts the range of every other BuddyTracker.

Companion app

Currently under development is a companion app to interact with BuddyTracker.


See BuddyTracker in action

We have recently finished soldering together our first physical prototype PCB and are currently working on porting over the code. We are also working on an animated simulation.

More media will be coming soon!


The people responsible for envisioning and designing the BuddyTracker
Fred Drury
Fred Drury
Responsible for both software and hardware design and selection
George Owen
George Owen
George is cool. He skis.
Kevin Heaman
Kevin Heaman
Dealing with all Business aspects of the company.

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